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Journal Papers
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A composite Chebyshev finite difference method for nonlinear optimal control problems June 2013
Solution of linear optimal control problems with time-delay using a composite Chebyshev finite difference January 2013
Solution of nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integrodifferential equations via hybrid of block-pulse functions and Lagrange interpolating polynomials November 2012
A hybrid approximation method for solving Hutchinson's equation January 2012
Solution of piecewise constant delay systems using hybrid of block-pulse and Chebyshev polynomials October 2011
A composite collocation method for the nonlinear mixed Volterra-Fredholm-Hammerstein integral equations October 2011
Analysis of time-varying delay systems via triangular functions November 2011
Composite interpolation method and corresponding differentiation matrix February 2011
Solution of nonlinear delay optimal control problems using a composite pseudospectral collocation method May 2010
Rationalized Haar approach for nonlinear constrained optimal control problems February 2010
Solution of Volterra's population model via block-pulse functions and Lagrange polynomials January 2009
Solution of the generalized Emden-Fowler equations by the hybrid functions method February 2009
Solution of variational problems via hybrid of block-pulse and Lagrange interpolating October 2009
Using triangular orthogonal functions for solving Fredholm integral equations of the second kind February 2008
Hybrid functions for nonlinear initial-value problems with applications to Lane-Emden type equations July 2008
Analysis of time-varying singular bilinear systems by hybrid functions March 2008
Solution of multi-delay systems using hybrid of block-pulse functions and Taylor series May 2006
Analysis of time-delay systems via hybrid of block-pulse functions and Taylor series November 2005
Solution of time-varying delay systems by hybrid functions June 2004
Optimal control of linear delay systems via hybrid of block-pulse and Legendre polynomials April 2004
Hybrid functions approach for linearly constrained quadratic optimal control problems March 2003
Numerical solution of the controlled Duffing oscillator by hybrid functions February 2003
Hybrid functions in the calculus of variations April 2002
Optimal control of singular systems via piecewise linear polynomial functions May 2002
A hybrid domain analysis for systems with delays in state and control April 2001
Direct method for variational problems via hybrid of blocl-pulse and Chebyshev functions June 2000
A hybrid analysis direct method in calculus of variations March 2000

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